NanoTach® (nanosilver paste): X Series

***Silver Sintering Die-attach at Zero Pressure***

Product Description

Thick paste of nano-sized silver powder in an organic binder formulation.

Key Features

  • Uniform dispersion for screen/stencil printing or dispensing
  • Low sintering temperature (<260oC)
  • Excellent sintered properties
  • RoHS compliant


Bonding small to large chips (over 10mm x 10mm) for power devices/modules, high-power and high-brightness LED lamps, power diode lasers, RF power devices.

Typical Properties
Physical Data Before Sintering: Physical Data After Sintering
Color: dark gray Porosity: < 30%
Solid loading: 71 - 91% Density: > 7.9 g/cm3
Density: > 3.0 g/cm3 CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion): 19.6 x10-6 /oC

150,000 to
600,000 cps

Melting temperature: 961oC
Sintering temperature: < 260oC Elastic modulus: ~ 10 to 30 GPa
Shelf life1: ~ 12 mo. Electrical resistivity: < 2.6x10-6 Ω•cm
    Thermal conductivity2: > 2.0 watt/cm•oC
    Chip bonding strength: > 25 MPa
1 If stored in sealed containers at room temperature 2 Calculated from electrical measurement